Terms and Conditions

1) As per the inistution policy, only your fees amount(Amount settled to the inistution) will be refunded, payment gateway service charges will not be refunded at any cost.

2) Students / parents / consultancy does not rights to apply chargeback expect fraud / unautharized transaction. Once the payment is success,Online payment acknowledgement will be given for each transaction.

3) If the amount is debited and the transaction status if FAILURE within 48hrs, your transaction may change to success.

4) Even after 3 working days your status is FAILURE, then the transaction is confirmed FAILURE.

5) Use RUPAY debit card or Net banking option to avoid more service charges.

6) Read the terms and conditions completely, Institutions has rights to update the terms and condition.

7) Its your responsibility to read the terms and condition every time before making transaction.

8) Terms and conditions are strictly followed without any excuses.

9) Institutions is completely liable for payment which is collecting through website (i.e.,) for successful transaction, Institutions is completely liable for payment whereas payment gateway company is not liable for payment.

10) Payment gateway company or Card issuing company (VISA, MASTER, AMEX, MAESTRO etc.,) or any Banker are only payment processing agent , so if any disputes or complaints payee(Customers) need to approach institution(Merchant) directly .

11) Customers don’t have any rights to approach Payment gateway company or Card issuing company (VISA, MASTER,AMEX,MAESTRO etc.,) or any Banker legally.

12) Only institutions are completely legally liable for payment.

13) Customer data’s will not be shared to anyone.